by Martin Monperrus
How to publish a working paper on Arxiv?(May 04, 2018)
It is a very good practice to publish working papers on Arxiv. Here are some tips on how to do this. >>> read more
Faire un page de garde de these en latex(June 29, 2015)
Ce package a été créé pour satisfaire aux exigences de l'école doctorale Matisse de l'Université de Rennes 1. Il doit pouvoir être utilisé ou modifié pour d'autres universités. >>> read more
BlueLatex: a collaborative Latex editor(April 04, 2015)
BlueLatex is an open-source real-time collaborative Latex editor. It’s on >>> read more
PDF Fix for Manuscriptcentral (Latex papers)(February 15, 2013)
There is currently a bug on manuscriptcentral. >>> read more
Latex skeleton for ANR proposals(January 13, 2012)
Here is a skeleton of a LateX document for preparing a research proposal to ANR. >>> read more
Copy-pastable listings in PDF from LaTeX(December 16, 2011)
This document presents how to obtain copy-pastable listings from LaTeX. It uses the listings and accsupp packages (recent version). >>> read more
Copy-pastable ASCII characters with pdftex/pdflatex(December 16, 2011)
This document presents how to obtain fully copyable PDF documents from Latex. By fully, I mean that all ASCII characters are copied into the equivalent binary character with Ctrl-C in a PDF viewer (evince, xpdf, acrobat reader, etc.) or with pdftotext in command line. >>> read more
Using TrueType fonts with TexLive pdftex/pdflatex(December 16, 2011)
^^This document presents how to use TrueType fonts with pdftex or pdflatex on Unix/Linux Box (e.g. Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial or DejaVu). >>> read more
Including files as attachment with pdflatex(February 28, 2011)
You may want to include files in a PDF document (for instance sources, graphs, raw data, programs). If you use pdflatex, this can be done with the package ‘’attachfile’’. >>> read more
Running TeX on a java virtual machine(November 13, 2009)
This document presents solutions to run Knuth's typesetting program TeX into a Java Virtual Machine. Why running TeX in a JVM? One reason is to be able to use TeX in a JVM only environment (e.g. Google App Engine). >>> read more
Compiling Knuth's tex with GNU Pascal - gpc(November 09, 2009)
The famous typesetting program TeX is written in Pascal (encapsulated in a literate manner). However, most of the current distributions of Tex (e.g. Texlive or miktex) give a binary produced out of C code. The C code is produced from the Pascal code using a program called web2c. >>> read more
dia2pdf - high quality pdf figures with dia and pdflatex(September 20, 2009)
Dia is a wonderful tool to create figures. Latex (and especially pdflatex) is a wonderful tool to create high quality documents. But how to use dia figures in latex documents? Exporting to PNG of JPG produces low quality figures. >>> read more
Creating proceedings from pdf files with latex(July 14, 2009)
As publication chair of MDPLE’2009, I had to create the proceedings of the workshop. >>> read more
bibtex2latex(May 29, 2009)
bibtex2latex generates a publication list in latex from a bibtex file. It is written in PHP and is built on top of bibtexbrowser. The publication list created has an academic style (book/articles/conferenc papers/workshop paper/etc). For instance, it can be inserted in a CV. >>> read more
Citations and references in footnote with latex(May 26, 2009)
In certain academic fields (mostly humanities), one must have references in footnotes. How to get them correctly using latex and bibtex? It took me hours to find a good answer on the web. >>> read more
producing searchable and copyable pdf files with accents using latex-pdflatex(January 30, 2009)
You have accents/diacritics (accent grave, umlaut, etc.) in your latex document. You produce a PDF file with pdflatex. >>> read more
Latex et babel - espace avant les deux points dans les légendes(November 13, 2008)
Le package babel/français de latex contient un bug: les légendes des figures n’ont pas d’espace avant le : Exemple: ‘’Fig. 2.1: Un bug dans babel’’ Il manque un espace avant le deux-points (:) pour satisfaire aux règles typographiques françaises. >>> read more
Pourquoi latex ajoute automatiquement un espace avant les deux points(November 02, 2008)
Problème: Dans la bibliographie, les titres en anglais ne respectent pas les règles typographiques anglaises. Latex ajoute un espace avant les : (deux points)? dans les titres. >>> read more

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