by Martin Monperrus

bibtex2latex generates a publication list in latex from a bibtex file. It is written in PHP and is built on top of bibtexbrowser. The publication list created has an academic style (book/articles/conferenc papers/workshop paper/etc). For instance, it can be inserted in a CV. The main advantage of this approach is that your publication list in your web page and the one in your CV are always in sync and have the same style.



Copy here the bibtex file containing your publications:

You may also use the command line tool curl:
curl -F "bibtex=<myfile.bib" ""




1/ download bibtex2latex.php
3/ call
4/ save the result in a tex file
5/ use the tex file, for instance with \input{publist.tex}

%% the simplest way
\usepackage[latin1]{inputenc} %% for accents, may be replaced by utf-8, depending of the encoding of the bibtex file

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