How to publish a working paper on Arxiv?

by Martin Monperrus

It is a very good practice to publish working papers on Arxiv. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Why publishing working papers on Arxiv? There are many good reasons (see this, that, and other):

When publishing on Arxiv? Either when the paper is in a good shape, and has a chance to be read and cited, or after the paper submission. In the context of double-blind peer-review, it is a good idea to wait a little bit, so that there is no obvious timing correspondence between submission and dissemination through pre-publication (check the conference/journal guidelines).

Checklist before submitting a working paper on Arxiv

Tool support for submitting to Arxiv

How to submit to Arxiv without uploading the Latex sources? There are plenty of solutions:

What to do next? A paper on Arxiv is in most of cases invisible. There are too many papers on Arxiv (and outside Arxiv as well) for people to notice it or take the time to read it. Once the paper is on Arxiv, the next step is to let appropriate people know about it. The persons most likely to read and like it are those working in the same area. The next step is thus to send a personal email to those 10-20 authors having worked on the most closely related papers.

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