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by Martin Monperrus
Picture of Martin Monperrus I am an associate professor at the University of Lille (France) and a member of Inria's SPIRALS research group. My research lies in the field of software engineering and program analysis (see my publications).

How to automatically repair software?
In my group, we invent systems to automatically fix software bugs (eg Nopol). Beyond the current repair systems, that only work for some types of bugs, my research goal is to train a generic repair system, for instance by applying machine learning to the problem of bug fixing.

More generally, many bugs have more critical consequences than they should have and I claim that it's because most programming paradigms and software stacks are brittle. How to construct less brittle software? Why is software brittle? My second research goal is to understand the causes of software brittleness, and to propose counter-measures such as short-circuit testing and antifragile software.

Postdoc: Are you looking for a postdoc position to perform world-class research on the fascinating topics of automatic software repair or antifragile software? drop me an email.

Internships: I look for awesome interns to work on those topics, please contact me if you're interested. Good internships are followed up by a PhD thesis.