Good Research

by Martin Monperrus


“The great thing about the research world is that you get to choose your environment, which consists in large measure of the members of your network. Of course, this also means choosing the topics you work on, the language you speak, the values you embrace, the dialogue you participate in, and so on. You choose the whole package. You make it. You build it.” (Phil Agre)


What is research? Matt Might explains that research is about the creation of knowledge.

What is a researcher mindset? The core research qualifications (by the Univ. of Lugano)

What is academia? Phil Agre gives you insights for “Understanding the Research World” (in “Networking on the network”)

What is a academic freedom? Academic freedom is a key concept see Magna Charta Universitatum, Wikipedia article

Why doing radically novel research? See Publishing a new idea by Ralph C. Merkle


How to find a PhD thesis topic? The 6 models of Janie Irwin, Penn State University

How to write a good PhD thesis dissertation? Benoit Baudry makes some very good points with his PhD ingredients.

Do you understand the difference between a dissertation and a thesis? Dissertation Advice, by Olin Shivers

How to?

How to select your research problems? Don’t make boring science, keep thinking about important problems

How to effectively read a research paper? How to Read an Engineering Research Paper, by William G. Griswold at UC San Diego, How to read a research paper, by Michael Mitzenmacher at Harvard University, How to read a paper?

How to recognize a scientific conflict of interest?

How to give credit? Having proper references is a matter of scholarship, ethics, and courtesy (by J. Offutt)

How to effectively attend a conference? advice from M. Ernst and D. Notkin, and chapter “Socializing at conferences” of “Networking on the network”

How to build a professional identity in research? See Chapter “Building a professional identity” of “Networking on the network”

How to make a good open-science repository?: my humble answer

How to exchange drafts? See Chapter 3.5 “Exchange drafts” of “Networking on the network”

How to give a good talk? Arnaud Legout’s slides.

How to write a good cover letter for an academic journal paper?

How to respond to reviewer comments in a cover letter? My answer

How to write a good rebuttal? The answer of Andreas Zeller

How to publish a working paper on Arxiv? my humble answer

How to write a good research paper? Writing Good Software Engineering Research Papers, by Mary Shaw (Carnegie Mellon University), Novelist Cormac McCarthy’s tips in Nature

How to write a good abstract? An answer by Philip Koopman, Carnegie Mellon University

How to write a good introduction? An answer by Jim Kurose (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

How to write a good review? My answer, Prem Devanbu’s review anti-patterns (Don’t write scout’s peer review!, Team Fortress, Matt Might)

How to write a good research grant proposal? Heilmeier’s answer from DARPA

How to write a research statement?

How to effectively attend to a scientific talk? My humble answer

How to be a great PhD supervisor? See “Section 7. Advising Others” of “Networking…”, the to-the-point bullets of Jo Mitchell, Supervising a Doctoral Thesis: Lessons and Guidelines by Hazzan.

How to effectively work remotely with asynchronous communication? See “Written communication is remote work super power”

How to avoid procrastination in science?

How to stay focused? Warren Buffett says to decline almost everything

How to deep work? Scientific research requires deep work

How to build a fruitful long-term research strategy? The Dangers of Intellectual Territorialism

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