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by Martin Monperrus
February 22, 2012: Martin Monperrus' Research Group
How to work in my group? Postdoc: Are you looking for a postdoc position to perform world-class research on program repair, self-healing software or chaos engineering? drop me an email. >>> read more
July 05, 2011: Professional Services of Martin Monperrus
\documentclass{article} \newcommand{\wsection}[1]{\subsection{#1}} \begin{document} % http://www.monperrus.net/martin/mywbed3#file=professional-services-martin-monperrus.tex \input{professional-services-martin-monperrus. >>> read more
April 23, 2010: Short biography of Martin Monperrus
Martin Monperrus is Professor of Software Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden). In 2011-2017, he was associate professor at the University of Lille (France) and a member of INRIA's research group SPIRALS. >>> read more
January 09, 2010: Publications of Martin Monperrus
I research in the field called "software engineering". These portfolios highlight the specific areas where my group is contributing. >>> read more
January 09, 2010: Contact Information of Martin Monperrus
Reaching me Mail address: Martin Monperrus EECS/TCS Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Lindstedtsvägen 3 10044 Stockholm Sweden Physical address: Lindstedtsvägen 3, Stockholm Level 5, office 1524, call me to enter "+46 8 790 6540" Metro red, stop Tekniska Högskolan Map: https://www. >>> read more
October 02, 2005: Welcome to Martin Monperrus' Home Page
I am Professor of Software Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. I hold a Chair from the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP). >>> read more