“Freedom in the digital world”! We want it, we fight for it! That’s an ongoing battle against governments and corporations.

The digital world is a new world, in this new world, freedom must be reinvented, reencouraged and reprotected.

“Freedom in the digital world” is a collaborative and polymorphic project: this page, a series of talks and a book. This rings a bell? Send me an email or drop me a comment at the end of the page! –Martin

Chapter “Why Digital Freedom”

The Internet Desillusion:

Why Privacy is Important:

“The price of freedom”: Freedom is not free, there is a price to pay. When corporations give you great services for free, you pay it differently.

Chapter “Software Design for Digital Freedom”

Talks about this chapter:

  • Talk at “Privacy-Aware Decisions” Spring 2019, Uppsala where I have discussed the fundamental tension between the softness of software and the super rigid walls of the digital world. I conjecture that there must be software design principles that encourage freedom in the digital world.

Chapter “Resistance”

Chapter “Action!”

Resist by using different software

  • FreedomBox is a project to promote personal servers running free software for distributed social networking, email and audio/video communications
  • Freedom in the cloud with Nextcloud
  • Mobile freedom on your smartphone (LineageOS, etc)

Resist by configuring software

Resist by modifying software

Resist by creating software

Resist by exercising your rights

Resist by enacting laws


Chapter “Freedom and Interoperability”


Chapter “Freedom in Digital Sweden”


Chapter “Free speech and independence in the digital world”


Chaper “Despair”