Automatic software repair

by Martin Monperrus

Awesome repair. I maintain this curated list of pointers about automatic software repair.

Automatic software repair in a nutshell

A tentative definition of the field:

Automatic software repair is the process of fixing software bugs automatically. When repair happens at the level of the program code, it is called program repair or patch generation (for instance by changing the conditional expression of an if statement ). Repair may also happen at the level of the program state, at runtime, in response to field failures (for instance by changing the value of a variable), this is also sometimes called runtime repair or state repair.

How to learn about automatic software repair?

I've written this introduction to automatic software repair and a a survey of the field.

If you know other introductory documents or slides, please drop me an email, I'll add it here.

Discussion about program repair

This google group is an open forum dedicated to program repair:

To subscribe to this group, send an email to

Bibliography about automatic repair

There is the community-driven list at If you want to add a paper, simply do a pull-request on

You may also be interested in reading my survey on automatic repair.

Publicly available automatic repair tools

Look at this page that lists publicly available tools and prototypes for automatic repair.

Known courses about automatic software repair

Drop me an email to add your course here.

Dagstuhl seminars about automatic software repair

Seminar 17022 (Jan 2017): Automated Program Repair

Seminar 16201 (May 2016): Synergies among Testing, Verification, and Repair for Concurrent Programs

Seminar 13061 (Feb 2013): Fault Prediction, Localization, and Repair

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