Automatic software repair, by Martin Monperrus

by Martin Monperrus

I’ve been working on automatic software repair since 2011. I maintain this curated list of pointers for helping newcomers to understand the field. –Martin

Short presentation

Automatic software repair is the process of fixing software bugs automatically, by generating patches. It is called automated program repair, automated patch generation or automated bug fixing. Repair may also happen at runtime, in response to field failures, in a self-healing manner.

How to learn about automatic software repair?

Reading I would recommend this informal introduction to automatic software repair, this academic survey of the field (ACM CSUR) and the living review (full disclosure: I’m the author of all :-). There is a Wikipedia page on Automatic bug fixing and Gazzola and colleagues have also written another survey.

Youtube videos

Interactive notebook

Discussing program-repair is an open discussion forum dedicated to program repair.

Our contributions to the field

My group has been researching in the field of program repair for some time now, here is a list of our contributions:

Publicly available automatic repair tools

Look at this page that lists publicly available tools and prototypes for automatic repair.


Workshops and conferences

Known courses about automatic software repair

Dagstuhl seminars about automatic software repair

Seminar 17022 (Jan 2017): Automated Program Repair

Seminar 16201 (May 2016): Synergies among Testing, Verification, and Repair for Concurrent Programs

Seminar 13061 (Feb 2013): Fault Prediction, Localization, and Repair

Seminar 09201 (May 2009): Self-Healing and Self-Adaptive Systems


Company working on automatic repair or machine learning on code. See also

Defunkt companies:


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