Martin Monperrus' Research Group

by Martin Monperrus

How to work in my group?

KTH Student There are multiple solutions to work together:

International Student Are you looking for an internship? I propose internships both in Stockholm or remote, drop me an email.

Postdoc: Are you looking for a postdoc position to perform world-class research on program repair, self-healing software or chaos engineering? drop me an email.

Current PhD students & postdocs

Carefully advising PhD students to train them to do high-impact science is very important to me.

Main advisor:

Secondary advisor:


Past students

Graduated PhDs:

Master's theses supervised/examined at KTH:

Master's theses:

Bachelor's theses:

Academic genealogy

I am the grateful academic child of Jean-Marc Jézéquel, my PhD advisor. I learned a lot with my postdoc mentor Mira Mezini, my Master's thesis advisor Yoshua Bengio and my friend Benoit Baudry.

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