Martin Monperrus' Research Group

by Martin Monperrus

How to work in my group?

KTH Student There are multiple solutions to work together:
* [Course?] See "Advanced Individual Course in Computer Science" (DD2463 15hp) (ID2205) (I would be your course supervisor)
* [Master's thesis / Bachelor's thesis?] I propose topics on program repair, self-healing software, chaos engineering, machine learning for program analysis and transformation, contact me by email
* [Research assistant?] You can apply to be a research assistant (aka research amanuens), which is typicaly a 20% research job, where you get paid by KTH, contact me by email.

International Student Are you looking for an internship? I propose internships both in Stockholm or remote, drop me an email.

Postdoc: Are you looking for a postdoc position to perform world-class research on program repair, self-healing software or chaos engineering? drop me an email.

Current PhD students & postdocs

* Zimin Chen, PhD student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology publications
* Long Zhang, PhD student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology publications
* Ye He, PhD student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology publications
* Benjamin Danglot, PhD student at University of Lille, co-advised with Benoit Baudry publications
* Zhongxing Yu, postdoc publications

Past students

Graduated PhDs:
* Thomas Durieux, graduated on Sep 25 2018 on From Runtime Failures to Patches: Study of Patch Generation in Production, co-advised with Youssef Hamadi and Lionel Seinturier publications
* Vincenzo Musco, graduated on Nov 3 2016 on Propagation Analysis based on Software Graphs and Synthetic Data, co-advised with Philippe Preux) publications
* Benoit Cornu, graduated on Nov 26 2015 on Automatic Analysis and Repair of Exception Bugs for Java Programs, co-advised with Lionel Seinturier publications
* Matias Martinez graduated on Oct 10 2014 on Extraction and Analysis of Knowledge for Automatic Software Repair, co-advised with Laurence Duchien publications
* Alexandre Bartel graduated on Sep 8 2014 on Security Analysis of Permission-Based Systems using Static Analysis: An Application to the Android Stack, co-advised with Jacques Klein and Yves Le Traon publications

Master's theses at KTH:
* Henrik Karlsson, Master's student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, on "Regression Test Selection"
* Yonas Ghidei, Master's student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, on "Lineage-driven Fault Injection for Akka Programs"
* Zimin Chen, Master's student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, on "Similarity Analysis for Program Repair" publications

Master level:
* Benjamin Danglot, (M.Sc. at University of Lille, 2016) on "Correctness Attraction" publications
* Thomas Durieux (M.Sc. at University of Lille, 2015) on "Dynamic Synthesis for Automatic Repair" publications
* Sebastian Lamelas (M.Sc. at University of Buenos Aires, 2014) on "Automatic Repair of Infinite Loops" publications
* Favio DeMarco (M.Sc. at University of Buenos Aires, 2013) on "Automatic Repair of Buggy If-Conditions" publications
Diego Mendez (M.Sc. at UNICEN, 2012) on "Empirical Evidence of Large-Scale Diversity in API Usage of Object-Oriented Software" publications
* Alper Ortac (M.Sc. at TU Darmstadt, 2011) on "Lightweight composition and reuse of legacy web applications by automated imitation of human actions" publications
* Markus Kimmig (M.Sc at TU Darmstadt, 2011) on "Querying Source Code with Natural Language" publications
* Kim David Hagedorn (M.Sc at TU Darmstadt, 2011)
* Elif Tekeş (M.Sc. at TU Darmstadt, 2011) on "An Empirical Study on API Documentation" publications
* Benoit Long (M.Sc./Engineer at ENSIETA, 2008) on "Dimensionnement précoce d'un système de patrouille maritime" (Early Measurement of Maritime Surveillance Systems) publications
* Fabre Jaozafy (M.Sc./Engineer at ENSIETA, 2007) on "Réalisation d'un simulateur d'un système de patrouille maritime par une approche ingénierie dirigée par les modèles" (Model-driven Simulation of Maritime Surveillance Systems) publications

Bachelor level:

* Aram Eskandari, Benjamin Tellström (KTH, 2018) on Analysis of the Performance Impact of Black-box Randomization for 7 Sorting Algorithms
* Tai Luong, Anton Zubayer (KTH, 2018) on "Simulation of chaos engineering for Internet-scale software with ns-3]"
* Maxime Clément (University of Lille, 2014) on "Evaluating Nopol" publications
* Julien Langlois (University of Lille, 2013) on software diversity
* Anthony Maia (University of Lille, 2012) on "Debugging with Stackoverflow" publications
* Maxence Germain de Montauzan (University of Lille, 2012) on "Empirical Study of Exception Handling" publications
* Stefan Henß (TU Darmstadt, 2011) on "Automatically Extracting Software Development FAQs Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation" publications


I feel lucky to have worked with great people:

Alexandre Bartel, Jacques Klein, Kevin Allix, Yves Le Traon, Anil Koyuncu, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Dongsun Kim, Markus Kimmig, Mira Mezini, Benoit Baudry, Maria Gomez, Romain Rouvoy, Lionel Seinturier, Benoit Cornu, Thomas Durieux, Matias Martinez, Westley Weimer, Jean-Rémy Falleri, Floréal Morandat, Xavier Blanc, Youssef Hamadi, Antoine Mischler, Simon Allier, Marcelino Rodriguez-Cancio, Zhongxing Yu, Joël Champeau, Brigitte Hoeltzener, Favio Demarco, Jifeng Xuan, Daniel Le Berre, Benjamin Danglot, Marco Biazzini, Anthony Maia, Fabre Jaozafy, Gabriel Marchalot, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Tom Dinkelaker, Diego Mendez, Laurence Duchien, Vincenzo Musco, Antonin Carette, Philippe Preux, Xiaoyuan Xie, Romain Sommerard, Cendrine Mony, Franck Chauvel, Franck Fleurey, Siobhàn Clarke, Martin White, Michele Tufano, Denys Poshyvanyk, Stefan Henß, Earl T. Barr, Chenggang Bai, Olivier Barais, Johann Bourcier, Erwan Daubert, Hui Song, Maxime Tricoire, Maxime Clément, Sebastian Lamelas, María Gómez, Bram Adams, Walid Maalej, Benoit Long, Marcel Bruch, Eric Bodden, Fernanda Madeiral, Simon Urli, Marcelo Maia, Victor Sobreira, Marcelo A. Maia, Maxence Germain De Montauzan, Raphael Marvie, Antoine Beugnard, Renaud Pawlak, Nicolas Petitprez, Carlos Noguera, Georgios Papoudakis, Oscar Luis Vera-Pérez, Michael Eichberg, Sven Kloppenburg, Yoshua Bengio, Erwan Abgrall, Sylvain Gombault, Mario Heiderich, Alain Ribault, Elif Tekes, Benoit Combemale, François Fouquet, Alper Ortac, Hugo Larochelle, Martin Martinez, Zimin Chen, Long Zhang, He Ye, Benjamin Loriot, Walter Rudametkin, Rui Abreu, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Jesper Simonsson, Brice Morin, Nicolas Harrand, César Soto-Valero, Philipp Haller, Paul Muntean, Hao Sun, Jens Grossklags, Claudia Eckert, Oscar Vera-Perez, Andy Zaidman, Steve Kommrusch, Louis-Noël Pouchet, Kui Liu, Daniel Méndez Fernández, Robert Feldt, Thomas Zimmermann

Academic genealogy

I am the grateful academic child of Jean-Marc Jézéquel, my PhD advisor. I learned a lot with my postdoc mentor Mira Mezini, my Master's thesis advisor Yoshua Bengio and my friend Benoit Baudry.

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