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by Martin Monperrus
April 04, 2015: BlueLatex: a collaborative Latex editor
BlueLatex is an open-source real-time collaborative Latex editor. It's on https://github.com/gnieh/bluelatex. >>> read more
March 27, 2013: jexast: creating Java AST Nodes with Plain JDT
Jexast allows creating Java AST Nodes with Plain JDT. Jexast stands for "Extraction of Java ASTs". Jexast has been superseeded by Spoon. Please use Spoon instead in noclasspath mode. To get the AST of Java files, there is the famous JDT class ASTParser. java ASTParser parser = ASTParser. >>> read more
January 25, 2012: wp-publications: Publication lists in Wordpress with bibtexbrowser
wp-publications integrates bibtexbrowser into wordpress. It enables research groups and individuals to add publication lists in Wordpress. The publication lists are generated on the fly from bibtex files using bibtexbrowser. >>> read more
January 11, 2012: pascal3g: ANTLR v3 grammar for Pascal
pascal3g contains an ANTLR v3 grammar for Pascal. It's based on the ANTLR v2 version that I found at http://antlr.org/grammar/pascal/pascal.g. Additionnally, it provides an export of the abstract syntax tree to XML. pascal3g is able to parse TeX. >>> read more
June 17, 2011: wp-http-digest: wordpress passwords in a HTTP Digest compatible format
wp-http-digest is a [[http://wordpress.org/|Worpress]] plugin that enables you to store the Wordpress passwords in a format that is compatible with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digest_access_authentication|HTTP digest authentication]]. >>> read more
May 22, 2011: ExpandAnimations: Exporting animations to PDF in LibreOffice/OpenOffice
No preview available >>> read more
October 26, 2010: phpbigtable: A NoSQL Datastore API for PHP
phpbigtable is a NoSQL, schema-free persistence API for PHP. For instance, the code to add a user in the datastore looks like: $entity = new Entity('User'); $entity->setProperty('name','martin'); $entity->setProperty('password','soleil21'); $entity->setProperty('email','toto@example. >>> read more
September 13, 2010: Jskomment: an open source AJAX commenting system
To handle my comments, I've been using the Javascript/AJAX based commenting system js-kit/echo for years until it closed. Then, I wrote my own AJAX commenting system. It supports several comment threads per page. It is on github http://github. >>> read more
November 30, 2009: pp4php
pp4php is a pre-processor for PHP written in PHP. >>> read more
May 29, 2009: bibtex2latex
bibtex2latex generates a publication list in latex from a bibtex file. It is written in PHP and is built on top of bibtexbrowser. The publication list created has an academic style (book/articles/conferenc papers/workshop paper/etc). For instance, it can be inserted in a CV. >>> read more
December 07, 2008: simplephpauth
simplephpauth is a PHP script that provides an advanced HTTP Digest authentication feature. This script is much more secure than the ones described in http://de.php.net/features.http-auth and http://www.peej.co.uk/projects/phphttpdigest.html because: 1. >>> read more
December 01, 2008: mywbed
mywbed is a web based text editor. I use it to create and edit PHP and CGI scripts remotely; directly into the browser. One of the advantages of doing so it to avoid aligning my local PHP engine configuration with the target one. >>> read more
October 31, 2008: gakowiki
gakowiki is a wiki engine. It powers http://www.monperrus.net/martin/. >>> read more
September 06, 2008: easysloc
easysloc is a C/C++ logical lines of code counter (LLOC). It uses an intuitive and clear definition of a logical line of code for C/C++ : the number of instructions with the semantic delimiter ";" (see Fenton 1991, p246-253) Additionnally easysloc gives you the number of comments. >>> read more
September 06, 2008: ecore2dot
This Kermeta program takes an ecore metamodel as input and outputs on stdio the dot view of the metamodel. >>> read more
August 30, 2008: phpmodlog
phpmodlog does the same job as the apache module mod_log_config but at the application level and not at the server level. >>> read more
April 25, 2008: dynwebstats
dynwebstats is a web analytics software package written in PHP. It parses a CLF (Common Log Format) log file (produced for instance by httpd or phpmodlog) and outputs dynamically the corresponding web statistics. Compared to third party based solutions (google analytics, http://www.statcounter. >>> read more
September 11, 2007: bibtexbrowser: publication lists with bibtex and PHP
bibtexbrowser is a PHP script that creates publication lists from Bibtex files. bibtexbrowser is stable, mature and easy to install. It is used in hundreds of different universities and institutions (over 469 different domains according to Google). >>> read more