Installing a Samsung ML-2525W on Linux

by Martin Monperrus
I've just successfully installed a printer Samsung ML-2525W on two Linux machines (Debian and Ubuntu). Here is what I did.

  1. Connect the printer to a router with an Ethernet cable
  2. Found its DHCP IP with avahi-discover
  3. Set up the wireless using the web interface of the printer
  4. Download the printer driver UnifiedLinuxDriver_0.92.tar.gz at
  5. Extract the driver: $ tar xvzf UnifiedLinuxDriver_0.92.tar.gz
  6. Run $ cd cdroot/Linux && sh
  7. Follow the graphical installation process (see screenshots at
On one of the installations, the graphical process of failed at the end (no driver proposed). However, setting up the printer with the standard CUPS interface at http://localhost:631 was OK, the driver was actually installed in CUPS.

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