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by Martin Monperrus
November 25, 2012: Publication lists with HAL and bibtexbrowser
Hal is an open-access archive, similar to Arxiv. It is funded and maintained by French institutions such as CNRS and INRIA. Researchers of French government-funded research bodies are encouraged to provide the world with open-access versions of their papers through HAL. >>> read more
February 20, 2012: Bibtex into Mysql with bibtexbrowser
Here is a sample PHP scrip to feed a MySQL database with the content of a Bibtex file. It uses bibtexbrowser. You can fork or comment the script at https://gist.github.com/1868573. >>> read more
January 25, 2012: wp-publications: Publication lists in Wordpress with bibtexbrowser
wp-publications integrates bibtexbrowser into wordpress. It enables research groups and individuals to add publication lists in Wordpress. The publication lists are generated on the fly from bibtex files using bibtexbrowser. >>> read more
May 29, 2009: bibtex2latex
bibtex2latex generates a publication list in latex from a bibtex file. It is written in PHP and is built on top of bibtexbrowser. The publication list created has an academic style (book/articles/conferenc papers/workshop paper/etc). For instance, it can be inserted in a CV. >>> read more
September 11, 2007: bibtexbrowser: publication lists with bibtex and PHP
bibtexbrowser is a PHP script that creates publication lists from Bibtex files. bibtexbrowser is stable, mature and easy to install. It is used in hundreds of different universities and institutions (over 469 different domains according to Google). >>> read more