How-to backup your data on hubic using duplicity

by Martin Monperrus

Here is a small how-to to backup your data on hubic using a backup tool called duplicity. Done on a Debian box. Your mileage may vary.


1. Install duplicity

  aptitude install duplicity python-pip
  # the hubic backend of duplicity requires pyrax
  pip install pyrax

2. Create a “Client ID” and “Secret Client” on the hubic dashboard. Login to Hubic, and go to ‘My Account’ >> ‘Developers’ >> ‘Add a new application’ . Name: duplicity_xxxx (where xxx is your email for instance, it has to be unique) and “redirect domain”: http://localhost

3. Create a file ~/.hubic_credentials

It contains:

  email = <your email used for hubic login>
  password = <your password>
  client_id = <obtained at step 2>
  client_secret = <obtained at step 2>
  redirect_uri = http://localhost/

4. Run duplicity:

  duplicity dir_to_backup/ cf+hubic://backup

The backup is the name of the swift object. If you use default you will see your backup data in the Hubic web explorer.


BackendException: This backend requires the pyrax library available from Rackspace.: make sure that pip install was successful. (My solution was chmod -R 755 /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages)

To cleanup: duplicity cleanup --force --extra-clean --force cf+hubic://backup


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